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Pioneering a movement.

In 2007, three friends began a shipping company. While sailing on the Dutch barque Europa, Arjen, Andreas & Jorne saw the beauty and power of great sailing ships that use only the wind as a means of propulsion. They decided to create the world’s first modern “emission free” shipping company, based in the Netherlands.  

For 10 years we have shipped cargo across the Atlantic by the power of the wind only.

Our mission.

Tres Hombres Shipping transports cargo 99% emission free over sea, with a focus on products which do not compete with local produce. In addition to raising awareness about the huge amounts of pollution created by the modern shipping industry, we inform about their effects on the planet, teach about alternatives and motivate others to follow our way.

It has become apparent that our ideas – our passion – have turned into a source of hope and motivation for alternative shipping anywhere in the world. Our merchant sailing company plays an important role in the evolution of contemporary sustainable transportation over sea and land. The Tres Hombres has been a shining example of the existing possibilities and is the ambassador for sail cargo worldwide.




Our vision and fleet.

The goal of all our work is a peaceful and healthy planet where humans act as responsible players, living a sustainable lifestyle according to the law of limited competition. A world where all necessary goods are sourced locally, while organically and fair production remains usual. Our modern-day merchant shipping company is used as a clean instrument for adventurous people to bring exotic commodities to nearby shores.

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Tres Hombres

The 32 meter schooner Tres Hombres has been sailing since December of 2009. She maintains a shipping route for transport of cargo between Europe, the Islands in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and America. In addition to her capacity for 45 tons of cargo she has accommodation for a crew of 7 professional sailors and 8 trainees.

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Nordlys sails without an engine and is possibly the worlds oldest cargo ship (1873) still working. Nordlys operates in the European coastal trade. Originally built as a fishing trawler, she has been refitted and is able to carry a maximum of 25 tons of wine, olive oil, cider or other goods. Nordlys can fit a crew of 5 professional sailors and 4 trainees.

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