All weather friendships.
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Sail along. 

Completing a full round trip with Tres Hombres is just as adventurous as a European voyage on board of world’s oldest sailing cargo ship Nordlys!
Aboard you will learn all aspects of sailing cargo while you gain the necessary sea miles to start the journey towards becoming a professional master mariner.
Tres Hombres already crossed the ocean many times. You can join her for her next trip! Join Tres Hombres or Nordlys for an experience of a lifetime for a slice of adventure and rewarding life experience that are sure to be unforgettable.

Den Helder to Amsterdam via the Caribbean with Tres Hombres!
Winter 2018/2019 - 13430 sea miles, 238 days, 12 ports
Winter 2019/2020 - 12810 sea miles, 209 days, 12 ports

Sail along with Nordlys: Season 2019 7792 miles, 200 days, 13 ports

Contact us for this year’s sailing schedules for the dates, fees and booking requirements.


Sailing a traditional cargo ship is a unique way to discover the world & learn the art of square rig seamanship. Sign on now for the adventure of a lifetime!

Maintaining a tradition of sail training, it is planned that a proper program of learning by experience would be installed. Alongside this hands on learning of marlinspike seamanship, for those who show a keenness to learn will be taught the history of sail, the physics of sail theory as well as navigation.

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Our company is built on a sense of family and the basis of hard honest work with the passion and beliefs that we can achieve anything together.

Volunteer opportunities are wide ranging and can include ship refitting, and a hands on yearly experience in learning what it takes to keep our ships sailing and in top shape.