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Invest in the Tres Hombres mission.

Become a shareholder.

Our ships are publicly owned by shareholders according to the tried and tested model of shareholding developed during the golden age of sail. Shares are sold during the build and restoration to finance each ship. Using this model we have established the re-introduction of sailing cargo ships, and are now expanding to a larger, more commercial scale. The company of each ship is controlled by the shareholders. Annual shareholder meetings are held whereby the company management presents the guiding policies of the company and the financial report of the previous financial year together with the projections for the forthcoming year.

Setting our sails.

The full rights of the shareholder are described in the deed, available by mail, at your request. Strong sea-trade relations in the expanding organic/bio-dynamic product market have already been established through the exploitation of the Tres Hombres. This niche market is growing, ensuring that future ships in the Fairtransport Line can be put into immediate service sailing cargo. We have ambitious targets for the upcoming years – adding another ship to our roster is just the beginning. Each ship operates as a module of the Fairtransport Shipping Ltd. Invest and support the skills necessary to build, operate & maintain stronger trade relations.

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The future of emission free sea shipping.

The Tres Hombres carved the path for sustainable transport… but this is just the beginning. It is our goal to expand our cargo fleet to include many more ships working under sail. This will diminish delays in our supply chain along the entire shipping line.
Fairtransport employs a two-track policy:  the traditional and the innovative. While currently employing time tested traditional ships that have sailed the world's trade routes for centuries, we are also developing innovative,  high-performance technology, never before seen on the oceans.