A shipping revolution.

When you choose to do business with us, you are not just moving your cargo; you are investing in the idea of clean shipping and you are investing in the future and yourself.
Your product is put in the spotlight – centre stage – in the cargo hold of the world’s only engineless cargo sailing fleet. You will be working with by far the most talked about alternative method of shipping worldwide. Onboard the Tres Hombres and Nordlys, your product is promoted internationally through dockside events, tastings and at festivals; not to mention sharing in the fame during radio, newspaper and television interviews. Tres Hombres Shipping offers another benefit that no other shipping company can; a chance to load your cargo by hand alongside the crew, to work the sails and take the helm as you transport your unique product into your destination harbour.

While face-to-face interaction and “handshake deals” are at the heart of our business, Fairtransport has the crucial ability to close deals with multi-national corporations and often works with the best and highest respected producers and merchants in the world.

We are serious about our dedication to eco-friendly cargo service. Our logistics team works every day to ensure the safe delivery of your product, whether from England to France or all the way from the Dominican Republic to Denmark. With on-scene cargo personnel tailoring the loading, transportation & delivery of fair-trade goods, we ensure reliability by always having a Captain of the ship present to manage quality.