Weblog Gidius

Two days ago we got of from Den Helder and ever sinds were trying to head south, first towards the English channel and than to Santander (Sp). While the wind was coming out of the west south west, we sad a full and by course along the Dutch coast. Not long before we passed Noordwijk, the Dutch coast guard made a visit. They came along with a small rib. Two people came on board to check our passports and to gain some information about the destination of the Nordlys. When they left, we came along a big rainy cloud in the west which produced a lot of wind en waves. Suddenly we heeled over so deep that the railing was fully under water. We loosened the main quickly en lowered the misan. After that, we had time to set a reef. A few hours later, around twelve o clock, the wind was completely gone. Before IJmuiden we laid for a couple of hours waiting for wind. Around three o clock, the western wind turned on again, so we could proceed our course to the south west, until we got to the traffic lane of Rotterdam Euro port. We couln't pass this junction of traffic lanes and waited for orders of the sea traffic control centre. After we did two gibes, we started to head north west to gain hight on the western wind. There was a firm wind in the night with big waves that threw the bow into the air en smashed it into the water again. While laying in bed in the front of the boat we were being lifted almost of our beds en smashed on in again. In the night we made a tack and headed south, but steered as much west as we could to gain hight. Today, around twelve o clock, we made a tack again to get to the west and set sail to Dover.

Sabine Fox