Nordlys on her way from Copenhagen to Den Helder - Day 1

The departure was good with the tug of Andreas yesterday. He didn't really want to take off his lines from Nordlys because his daughter is on board. He brought us as far as he could but the time came, to set sails. When a tiny swell comes I don't like it anymore to have a tug glued to us.
The sailing is that good, that we are going too fast to Skagen and Skagerrak. There is still 20 knots over there, that's why we are under a reduced sail plan: jib and forestaysail making 7 knots overground. My strategy is to go to Skagen and tack along the coast tonight, waiting for the wind to calm down. Some stomachs onboard are fragile, the ship is bouncing a bit more with such little cargo now, let's take care.
The sun is expected to come this afternoon. The crew is happy, our 4 young trainee-women are courageous. They built a team really fast and smiles are very often in sight.


Sabine Fox