A full cargo of inspired adventured bottles by captain Anne-Flore


English below

La mer est calme,
le vent est discret,
Nordlys se faufile dans la fine brise d une journee ensoleille.
Lentement ca nous va bien car pour lors dans "le Sound", un etroit passage entre le Danemark et la Suede, le vent est dans le nez et trop faible. Alors on y va tout doucement pout y etre au bon moment quand on aura le vent dans le ... assez fort pour degager vers la mer du Nord. On la joue tactique , quart apres auart, jour apres jour. Et puis je crois savoir, autant que les previsions me le disent, que les portes vont s ouvrir creant un joli courant d air qui feront galoper notre monture sur des flots encourageants ouverts sur l ocean.
Ici et la nous sommes temoin des trainees d echappement jaunes volant au dessus des cargos ou des paquebots, des champs d eoliennes geant qui nous privent parfois d espace pour naviguer a la voile. Meme les voiliers que l ont croisent sont a fond au moteur. On se sent en accord avec la ou l on est, au rythme du vent de la mer.

We are 10 at sea including Nordlys, together towards the sunny horizon. But when we look at the sunrise, we know what is underneath. An island that we left behind. A cute green one where there is a place made for us in the harbor, a big curiosity for those who are passing by the port. The black lady has emptied her belly to the best bar-restaurant of Gudhjem "Provianten" for Maria. Only organic drinks and food. The precious bottles which crossed the English Chanel, the North Sea, the Baltic Sea has got a label Fairtransport stuck on each one of them. The magic Maria and Thomas spread, passion and ethic in their activity and we were honored to be at her table for every dinner, warmly welcomed by the whole community of the village.

Thanks so much all of you. All hands who casted off our lines and handled them in the entrance of the harbour, very sorry to have put you on your butts, the beers makers Ian and Jessica who shared passion and smiles, Vera for the veggies, Cafe Rosa for the bread, Julie for the car, Thor for towing us in and gave the contact of mechanic, the singers at the arrival and every morning...

As I said to Sune in Copenhagen, The man and his team who makes theirs dreams really alive with Nordlys and Tres Hombres since years: "Onboard, by caring about ship and crew, we also take care of the wine.

We are trying to calm down the horse when the sea decides to check us up and as well gliding together on the calm water. " Promise is made, we'll come back soon with more wonderful and amazingly tasty wine. I advise everybody who never tried organic, biodynamic, demeter breuvage to ask especially Sune (Rosforth & Rosforth company) and Maria, the specialists.

Thanks Sune, the unloading was well organised, arms and sticker people team (what a day and what a crew dinner ), Seti for the colorful lunch, Lars for the barge tour into Copenhagen waters and getting stocked under a bridge because of crazy wet thunderstorm, Andreas team of the tug, Lars for the last minute ride out of port...

Furthermore, question: What the salty fellows of Nordlys do when they have a day off?
We went to the Viking Ships Museum. Unfortunately, the train was bloody expensive but once we were there with Nordlys T-shirts we've been welcomed by Johannes in charge of ropes and traditional fibers used onboard boats. He gave us the complete round tour. Thanks, man! Especially one big interest took our attention. They have a replica of a Viking cargo ship ready for sailing. Find cargo to and from Scotland, for example, to participate in a unique historical experience. We keep in touch.

Here we are at sea, underway to Le Havre loading a full cargo of inspired adventured bottles.
I hope to cross the path of the dear Tres in the English Chanel first week of July. Like a few years ago at night guessing silhouettes under the moon, exchanging chocolate bars...

captain Anne-Flore

Photos by Lenno Visser