What happened in Dieppe ...by captain Anne-Flore

Photo by Phot’eau85

Photo by Phot’eau85

We are leaving tomorrow 12h00, despite a salty invoice. I bet the electricity is fixed both AIS VHF and computer are switched ON, Lenno had a last-minute visit to the dentist, Kevin the last crewmember arrived by bicycle with normal calf's pain. He comes for Skagerrak I guess, Martin sticks with the ship al the time because he loves it so much and tomorrow we'll say goodbye to him.

Jeroen is busy shopping on his bike and everyone in the harbor is very helpful and friendly. The harbormasters and agents are happy to welcome us here because Dieppe lost a lot of business with cargo when a factory burned down a few years ago.

The Saturday morning market is awesome, the saltwater swimming pool is big and cold, but still good after 3 days of loading, doing paperwork and crazy bottles calculations.

One of the harbor officers got confused when we arrived. His boss said they were expecting a cargoship of 25 m long (sounds strange already). When he saw the ship passing by the bridge he couldn't believe that we were the one who has to load nearly 20 tons. The linesman thought we lighted the ship with candles, no GPS and stuff;-)

Luckily it was true, we can do it ... 3 times the questions mmmhh no engine?? Oh yeah, another man noticing that we had a rope hanging into the water. He told us to be careful, do not foul the propeller, I didn't know what he was talking about because I forgot that it was a little unusual. I forgot I had to explain, I forgot that instead of our cute galley there used to be an engine.

Since Brixham is that I remember to wait for 4 days the expected 10 knots of westerly wind, only 10 knots, please.
I made the crew ready to douse the BM sail and gaff topsail and the famous 10 knots never came. The best way to discredit a captain is to trust the weather forecasts more than reasonable ;-) Luckily we arrived just in time in the harbor.

Interesting melting pot again, although 3 good sea-(wo)men left us now, it renews the actors on the stage, we 'll see which kind of rock and roll band we are after 10 days at sea.

In the last rushes before leaving harbor I never feel ready to go (crew, the boat can always be more briefed and brushed) but I want to go, the fluid is pulling me and I miss the airflow on my body. Also, when I don't like to be towed into port ( because we look like something failed onboard) I make myself remember
That is actually the result of success in the organization to arrive and I imagine tugs with steam as a new black and white capture from 2019. We don’t play like the past, we create every day a new day in 2019. We go with the wind on the hip and tomorrow it will be our partner all the way to Rostock. We will be ahead of schedule, proud to tell the narration of our travel to get somewhere escorted by birds, angels, and Viking Baltic spirits, we will swear again about the yellow and black smokes in the sky from the massive dirty cargo which makes the whales lose track of each other to breed... What a life we have! I love it!!! I love to realize through the eyes of the anyone I met the special sparks of an adventure make into your mind, disconnecting casual links, making a short circuit in daily, monthly, yearly routine.

Let s do it

One of yours

captain Anne-Flore