Just a tiny breeze brings Nordlys forward by captain Anne-Flore


Very comfortable downwind sailing until 15h. This morning we were passing along Den Helder coastline on our way to Skagerak. The wind is expected to increase from the east, which is a wonderful push to go further north. The 3 crew members who are here since the beginning of the season and even before are well trained and the trainees get slowly used to the routine, all enjoy the sunny and clear night sky. Just a tiny breeze brings Nordlys forward.
Birthday is always a good reason to make cakes. So, thank you Lenno to be born and Rosa who made a cake with the flour from the traditional windmill of Delft, the city where he grew up.
The few days in Blankenbergen were intense for the Fairtransport products shop on board, successfully managed by Sabine and Joop. And also for myself cause of the take over from Lammert. Thanks to him for sharing the skills and tricks of Nordlys. 

No one is forgetting you. When I call with the ship's phone, people say... Hi Lammert, even before I start talking! 
And thanks to Ian and the crew from the rescue boat who pulled us out the harbor for departure.
Now 23h40, after a very wet evening watch the sky is getting better, no more lightning. Jib, forestaysail and main 2 reefs are well drawn, let's go out of oil rig platform park and traffic separation scheme.


captain Anne-Flore

During our cargo expedition from Bornholm to Le Havre, there's only one trainee spot availabe. Join us...adventure awaits. For more info www.treshombres.eu or email booking@fairtransport.eu