Engineless cargo ship "Tres Hombres" rescues man from sinking yacht

Photos by © Pierre Fromentin

Photos by ©Pierre Fromentin

On the 27th of June, captain Remi Lavergne receives a distress call while sailing 300 miles off the Atlantic coast of Spain. Sailing vessel "Suzie Wong" is making water. Despite the fact that all seacocks are closed the water level is rising. Unfortunately, the German “single-handed” sailor is not able to find the origin of the leak.

At the moment of the call, “Suzie Wong” is 13 nautical miles away from the “Tres Hombres”. The ship operated by Fairtansport, which is only powered by the wind, is after an almost “nine-month” voyage to the Caribbean for rum, cacao and coffee, on her way back to Amsterdam.

Lavergne discussed the actions to be taken with the British Coast Guard, after which the ship set sail for the sinking yacht and its unfortunate owner.

Thanks to the efforts of the crew and favorable winds, the masts of the sailboat were spotted within an hour. After launching their dinghy the crew picked up the castaway and the few things the sailor could take with him. Unfortunately, the crew was not able to save the steel yacht. 

The sailor set foot on solid ground in Brixham and is very grateful that the brave “Tres Hombres” crew was able to save his life.

This is the second time that the engineless sailing cargo ship has saved a sailor in need on the high seas.

Photos by ©Pierre Fromentin