We are still alive by second mate Renee


Photo by Pierre Fromentin

We are still alive! And one day we are going to get there! Where? Just somewhere.
Floating again. It makes you wonder if we are ever gonna get there. It is night and the wind is turned off again. We are still moving with less than a knot in the direction of the Azores.
 At least we are not moving backward. After some days with light wind, we have the ocean again flat as a mirror.
We just heard whales passing by. Their breathing is to be heard from far away but these where not that far as with the reflection of Jupiter in the ocean we could distinguish three backs of whales coming up.

About further wildlife, we can not complain. As the wildlife is in the moment the most exciting thing there is for us to see, here an update: Today we saw a big brown turtle passing by even slower than us.
Yesterday we saw Orcas. A big and a small one. Probably relatives.
On a regular basis, there are groups of dolphins passing by with high speed and some jumping very high. They look wild.

In the morning there was also a weird flapping fin floating by. I did not know what it could be. A wounded animal? I did not look too energetic. Remi said it might be a sunfish and reading the description in the book it was probably that. It would have been a smaller one as they can become up to 2,300 kg. 

Some days ago we were visited by a whale (might have been a fin whale) just next to the ship. While starring with the binoculars at a distant u.f.o. (undefinable floating object) suddenly a big whale came up right next to me. It kept floating for a moment under the surface before going back into the deep. Just after that, a big pink object that looked like a dead octopus passed by. There are some weird things passing by here sometimes...
The ocean is full of very tiny animals. You can look at it forever. Also in the nighttime, there is a lot to see.
When shining with the flashlight, other kinds of beautiful jellyfish appear in the water. Besides that, there is a lot of other small fish. Somehow we do not manage to catch any fish.
This night we also spotted a big creature in the water that had the shape of a big eel. Not moving... Some say it looked like a tentacle. I guess we are getting close to hallucinating now.

We are eating mainly dry food from cans now but the meals are still delicious. The beans make our humor go to a lower level. We can almost sail on our own winds now.
Although it is a long leg, we keep ourselves busy with maintenance and the sextant. In the night slowly learning all the stars. The sky is like a big jigsaw puzzle. Every time you find new parts, constellations that you did not know by name yet.
It might be a long leg, yes, but it could be stormy and bad weather with wet bunks and wet clothes and cold everything. But it is not:) So let's go to the Azores!?

So hopefully we will get in the Azores and then Amsterdam some day. Greetings to all!

Renee, second mate

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