The world looks magical by captain Remi


Photo by Pierre Fromentin

Here a message from the Tres Hombres. Still trying to cross the Atlantic ocean. We will manage. It might take a bit longer but one day we will arrive back home.

Winds have been changing. Nothing too exciting. Rolling from port to starboard and back. Sometimes with a bit more wind, sometimes less, coming from the aft. With our stunsail's still on.

2 June in the morning, waking up we see that we are surrounded by fog. Our world has become smaller. It is surprising how many different faces the ocean has. Long high swells, confused wave patterns or almost flat as a mirror. And then there is the variation of clouds.
 After going to the toilet I fish up a new bucket of water to wash the hands. Cold water! We are out of the gulf stream. The Labrador current must have been delivering cold water here. That will be a cold shower for all who have been waiting to shower on Sunday. We are more than ever surrounded by Portuguese man of war (the sailing jellyfish). Good to observe now with our slow speed. They sometimes get stuck in our speed log which makes it necessary to were gloves when taking it out to not get their tentacles on our hands. 
The air is much colder here now and the see smells a bit of fish. Reminding a bit to the Netherlands, Terschelling which brings up nice memory's and makes me think of the Oerol festival that will soon begin. 

We are changing the clocks because at quarter to five in the morning the sun is already up. Rolling, and moving forward so slowly demands patience. We all have our moments of more and less positivity. The walls of the toilet get more covered every day by papers with texts that show the increase of literal creativity on board. And of course, the maintenance keeps us also busy.

In the night from 2 to 3 June, the wind dies out completely. The fog is still there and surrounds us is in a big white world. In the water, there are loads of fluorescing living beings. We hear birds that make sounds reminding us a bit of monkey but see nothing. We hear whales or dolphins maneuvering through the water but still see nothing. In the morning the ocean is flat as a mirror with still a tiny swell. Small fish hang around the ship. They also seem to go with the flow that gently pushes us in the direction of the Azores. The world looks magical. Another face of the ocean.  

Captain Remi