Finally we saw a whale by second mate Renee


Photo by Pierre Fromentin

So, we left US and are back at sea where the life is simple. Our goal is more clear now (Back to Boca Chica) and the atmosphere on board is good.
No big adventures around Bermuda. We sailed east towards the rising sun. Sunrise coming every morning more early. Winds are increasing and decreasing when they like but fortunately no big storms.
Then we went south and now we are at the latitude where we found back the easterly winds that will bring us back to Boca Chica. Its getting warmer again!

So no big adventures. Everyday we see the sea which does somehow manage to look different every day. 
We do not see a lot of ships. We did see some pretty weird wildlife creatures. If you are not interested in funky sea creatures then don't continue reading.

We saw the sailing jellyfish called: Portugese man of war. This funny animal has a part of his body that looks like a mow hawk above the water and uses it as a sail. He just sails upwind. His body is squatted by unicellular creatures that use the jellyfish to sail across the sea. So they are a bit like us. 

We found out from some books we bought in America that the seaweed, which floats around here and which is all the time on our fish line, is eatable. Tastes a bit like fruit de mer. Nice and crunchy when dried.

Then we catched two pufferfish, the kind with the spikes. They are beautiful. When they don't blow themselves up their huge spikes look like further and they look cute because of the very big black eyes they have. Their back is blue like the ocean and their belly bright white like snow. When blowing themselves up they look like a big spiky balloon. Apparently they are also very poisonous. Not suitable for our frying pan, so back to sea.

And finally we saw a whale. Most fast time for me to get from my bunk to the deck when hearing excitement on deck. The whale not so far from us blew out his breath a few times with a fountain of seawater and then dove under again while waving goodbye with his tail. to big to catch, does not fit in our pan;). 

Well those where the biggest adventures. Of course we enjoy still every night the stars and the moon. Being on watch with two French guys you get a hole different view of that. They get hungry when they see the moon because it looks like a croissant. 
It is funny how food is often one of our main fantasy's at sea while we have such good meals here.

When we arrive in Boca Chica, of course we don't know yet. We can start betting on the arrival date again now.

Renee, second mate

On our way back there all still some spots available. Sign on now! Dominican Republic - Azores - Amsterdam 
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