We arrived in America. Who would have thought that?


Just before we arrive in America we had some nice meetings at sea. There are more birds arriving to the ship when we are still quite a distance away from the coast. A small green one and a couple of swallows who fly through the galley and sit on us, on the pots and pans.
Unfortunately they did not survive the exhaustion they where suffering from like often happens with birds lost at sea.
For the birthday of Pierre we are visited by dolphins and some big dorados.
Coming closer to the coast we are visited by a cargo ship that passes close by to take some pictures. He humps the horn and tells us on the radio he will send us the pictures.
Another cargo ship calls  us on the radio to tell he knows us--that he follows us on Instagram. Nice to find out that even here on this side of the world the sailing cargo project reaches also the people that sail on container ships themselves. 
Then closer to the coast we meet ~the song of the whale~ which we have seen on the AIS this trip before. Now they also come closer to take some pictures. Later when we arrived in America we went to visit them in the port of Beaufort. They are a whale research vessel and with long towing cables (hydrophones) that make sound recordings of whale sounds. Lots of clicks and some higher tones. With this research they are able to see in which areas there are which kind of whales. That information can be used to try to avoid too much ship traffic in this area. In the night we now interpret all the sounds we hear in the water totally different. Maybe it is not that car tire that we use as a fender that we hear.

Thanks to Krissee and Mariano from River-Sea Chocolates who shipped their cacao in a sustainable way on board the Tres Hombres and found us this nice harbour, thanks to Andreas and all the other office people and thanks to the super friendly people of the harbour of Morehead City (I probably forget some people) We had finally a harbour where we could unload cargo and upload ourselves.

We had port state control the day after arriving. It went well. Now we are out at sea again. Heading towards Bermuda to find the good winds to be able to get back to Boca Chica.

Renee, second mate

On our way back there all still some spots available. Sign on now! Dominican Republic - Azores - Amsterdam 
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Photos by https://www.pierrefromentin.com/