Provisioning for a long term sailing voyage by our cook Giulia


Being promotors of more sustainable choices trading and moving goods all over the world means also to be responsable consumers while we sail across the oceans this message. As part of Tres Hombres Shipping and as cook on this ship, I try to keep the ethics in what I do, cook or buy, as much as I can because all actions counts and find their value and size in the outer world.

Supporting local producers that work hard on small scale to keep the high quality of their products is a must.  Provisioning for a long term sailing voyage on a ship like Tres Hombres, which is not equipped with fridges, is quite a challenge but also brings you to encounter other projects, dreams, people and ideas that are doing their own part in improving the world and find lots of inspiration in what we do and decide to support it how they can.

This is truly awesome, makes my job way more interesting, rich, stimulating and personally wise strenghten my hopes for the future. 
In the Netherlands, while organising the provisioning, I got in contact with some nice people who produce high quality food in simple, organic and traditional ways. 
Like the beautiful three sisters from the Noorderhoeve , a farm that is more than a farm, who trade with us six wheels of cheese for some fair sailed Romeu extra virgin olive oil and  Tres Hombres chocolate bars. Those golden cheesy wheels are going to cross the Atlantic and with some care they are going to last for the months we need even at tropical latitudes. 
The Groene Stek in Den Helder with the energetic Judith at the helm of the project, an organic garden working with differently abled people, who helped in finding a big part of the veggies which filled up the crates in the dry store together with Reinout, an ex Tres Hombres trainee who has now a biodynamic farm called the Zonnehoeve
The Roode Hert is another project of social inclusion that supported our provisioning. In the old wind mill they grind the flour Fermento that we use during every night of sailing to bake our own bread.
All these people gave their time, energy, products, help and support to our voyage and we are deeply thankful for that. The ocean is made of drops, drops can make an ocean. So thank to all the little big drops out there to make a new cleaner ocean.

Giulia, cook