Still at sea and in the last few days of our crossing by captain Remi


Still at sea and in the last few days of our crossing (hopefully). Now is the moment to gather all the knowledge we have build about navigation during this crossing. We should be less than 150 Nautical miles from our destination by now.

The wind is slowing down these days and has turned to the East. We have decided to stay on the same latitude and thus steer all the way downwind because we are worried about passing next to the island without seeing it, also it slows us down a bit. The Island of Barbados is only 20 nautical miles long. At the scale of an Atlantic crossing it means that your estimation of the course steered over the last three weeks must be 0.5 degree precise in order to hit the Island. That precision of steering is unachievable at sea. Luckily we do have stars and planets in the sky to help us correct our estimations every day and get to that result. That is the theory anyway. We will tell you this in a couple of days.

Today we hoisted our brand new Royal Stunsail for the first time ! It is tiny and red but it does catch a lot of wind up there and it looks great. I dont know if Tres Hombres ever had a royal stunsail before, I can recall any. I hope we can send you pictures soon !

Life on board id treating us well. Julia keeps pooling amazing food, fresh tropical fruits and vegetables out of the galley. We have much more bananas and avocados than we can eat but we are working on that part every day with enthusiasm. To day we had a couple of Minke Whales playing around the ship during a few hours in a row. They would follow the ship, show their white belly and fins and break out to breath next to us. Doing your lunch dishes while looking at a whale swimming next to you is something only sailors get to enjoy ;)

Of course there is also all the hard work for the maintenance of our ship and the daily cleaning and sweeping but that is less exciting :)

Greetings from almost there,

Captain Remi.