Another year ends at sea by captain Remi


Ahoy !

Another year ends at sea. For some of the crew this year started also at sea on this very same ocean, on this very same deck. I has been an intense year again, full of colors and flavors... And once again the constant spray of sea salt over our life added some extra spicy taste to it all.

In the last days Tres Hombres has been sailing mostly South - South West on the port tack looking to reach lower latitudes where the winds are said to be more consistent and the fish more abundant. By the time I am writing this email we just altered our course to starboard and finally head West towards Barbados. The air temperature is cosy and we can work in t shirt during the day and wear a little jumper at night. Flying fishes break out of the water all around us fleeing from what they believe is a huge predator.

Our navigation skills are developing fast and our Estimated positions match more and more with our sextant readings. Mates and captains don't need to make nautical calculations themselves any longer as our trainees and deck hands have taken over that part. Well, we keep double checking a bit :-)

The new royal stunsail has been cut to dimensions in an old red sail that our friend Toni Knights gave us two years ago. Tomorrow the sawing operation will begin, later followed by the roping, the grommeting and all these other steps that turn canvas into a powerful drive for our ships.

We hope that all those of you on land and at sea have a peaceful jump into the new year. We wish that you will join us in the enlightening fight for a simpler, more sustainable and friendlier way of living than the one that was drawn for us.  

Many whishes from the Tres Hombres Crew,

Captain Remi.