In search for warmer latitudes by deckhand Collin


It's already one month now that we leave the grey Den Helder, but also our friends, our house, the office and the shipyard. That was a great time but now we are happy at sea with our restricted community.

We already pass by the gale in the English Channel, the Pubs of Brixham, crossing the wild Biscay sailing always more south to the coast of Portugal where we had three days of tacking training to finally heading north, going backwards to Baiona, a nice little town in Galicia, España.

There we spend few days, waiting and waiting for a cargo who has to arrive. During this time we made some little works on the ship and enjoy some good time on land. The cargo arrives, just in time, we where almost out of things to paint or tare, to pull it into the belly of our beauty, she need a bit of weight, she didn’t like to be on diet. So we load quickly and with enthusiasm some pretty new barrels, others have host some Port Wine or Brandy in the past, for soon welcoming some delicious rum from some warm and blue waters islands. We also receive a pallet of shoes “Hecho en España” to bring over the ocean. 

Soon as we finish, we set sails away from the harbour and leave the bay to … turn back into the bay. We didn’t had enough power and the wind was not blowing strong enough to break the swell and go away from the Spanish coast. So we went back on our track, drop the Anchor, start to slice Johnny el Jamon. That was a nice sunset cruise and a nice try, but at least, we are out of the harbour. Faux départ … 
On the next morning, we know it was the good time. We pulled up the anchor, prepared everything and set all sails. We start going somewhere. We pass around the cap of the bay of Vigo and the Cies Islands ,and in front of us, is standing the huge and powerful Atlantic Ocean.
Wind is blowing freshly, our good vessel start to lee gently and we reach the 8 knots of speed. That was a nice departure, but every good things end somewhere, and the wind allowed us to make some 40 miles away from the coast before slowing down, more and more and dying with not any more sign.

We are now going between 0.5Kt and 0.1Kt, it's the middle of the night, we get a beautiful clear sky full of thousands stars and have all the time of the universe for us … before the wind pick up again and we can get back in our course, always more south, in search of warmer latitudes, tropical islands, clear waters and delicious rum.


Collin, Deckhand, Tres Hombres

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